Jan Willem Elkhuizen worked for more than twenty years as a physio and manual therapist in Leeuwarden, Holland. In 1993 he graduated as a human movement scientist at VU Amsterdam on the topic “Anatomy of Cervicogenic Headache”. For many years he taught therapists how to treat this type of headache.

In 1995 he started the ergonomic design agency BakkerElkhuizen with Wim Bakker, and a few years later he was co-founder of ErgoDirect. These companies develop and sell innovative products for the computer workplace, two of which have been rewarded with the “Ergonomic Excellence Award”. He sold his share in both companies in 2007.

In 2011, together with industrial designer Rick Blom, he launched the website It explains why people sometimes get up with neck pain, headache or back pain and what they can do about it. For this site they developed various products, including an ergonomic pillow that can be adjusted to eight positions.

His passion for anatomy and biomechanics led to new ideas about how the disc works. He asked Menno Iprenburg for feedback, and together they developed the book you are reading now.

‘De klinische anatomie van cervicogene hoofdpijn I, II, III’
Elkhuizen JW, Oostendorp RAB, Rozendal RH; Ned. Tijdschrift voor Manuele Therapie
1993: p84-94, 1994: p2-13 + p26-44.

Menno Iprenburg is an orthopaedic surgeon and founder of Iprenburg Hernia clinic, located in the monumental Veenhuizen Hospital in Veenhuizen.

He has performed more than five thousand surgeries, of which more than three thousand were endoscopic hernia operations (via the camera). With this TESSYS surgery he gained national and international fame in technology and received several international awards.

At the end of the seventies he was one of the pioneers in the field of arthroscopic surgery (laparoscopy). With his regular orthopaedic practice, he worked at the Wilhelmina Hospital in Assen for almost thirty years. There he operated on hips, knees, shoulders and carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, the development of hernia surgery was always of great interest to him. The incisions and scars have decreased over the years from about 10 centimetres in open surgery to 8 millimetres in endoscopic surgery.

In the last twelve years he has trained hundreds of international colleagues, both orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons, in TESSYS surgical technique.

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